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Give the Gift of Wellness to Special Operations Families

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America's special ops warriors and families need family life & wellness resources that meet their unique needs

Our mission is to create predictability for our nation's elite military Special Operations Forces (SOF) service members and their families through effective family life and wellness resources that sustain families despite persistent stress and deployment. We do this by building community bonds across the services, listening to their unique needs, and equipping them with tools to overcome barriers to finding care.

We help SOF families achieve wellness and manage stress so they can fight for freedom and return home in peace. A spouse of 10-years found our Family Wellness Workshop “resonated deeply” and “provided insight into some of the negative behaviors I alone and also [we] as a couple may have adopted as a reaction to the stress of the SOF environment.”

Our mission is more important than ever because the physical, mental, and social effects of SOF training and operations result in higher rates of chronic stress, divorce, and suicide than conventional forces. After 20 years of high-intensity global anti-terror operations, service members, veterans, and spouses alike are struggling with both visible and invisible wounds of war.

In 2022 we will offer a variety of family workshops online and in person to meet special operations family needs. We will launch a health portal for their continued use wherever and whenever it fits into their active and often unpredictable lifestyle. From day one to life after service, we connect families with tested and trusted tools and resources to meet their health and well-being goals.

We are positioned to make this happen because we understand three fundamental truths:

  1. Family matters: Every member of the family plays a role in whole family health, military readiness, and unit legacy.
  2. Knowing what works matters: Many programs are grounded in a good idea but actually aren’t based on evidence or methods that can be scaled for impact.
  3. There is strength in numbers: SOF units are small (about 100,000 in total), but the community is mighty. When we focus on shared needs, barriers, strengths, and challenges we have an opportunity to make an impact for everyone.

We work on the gaps in the ecosystem of services, people, resources, and education that are necessary to help the whole community and eliminate barriers to care. We do the research to understand problems better and find effective methods to pave a smoother road ahead so tomorrow's generation can thrive where we stumbled. We create platforms and networks to educate and connect key players.

Ultimately, we are working to change the healthcare paradigm in special operations from one focused on illness, disease, inability, and disability to a vision of health, high performance, success, and lifelong happiness. This is our mountain. We will reach the peak.

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